The Castries Constituencies Council (CCC) has launched a Plastic Collection Project. Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, announced on Thursday that as part of the project, the CCC will pay cash to persons who remove plastic and styrofoam material, including bottles and cups from the capital. The initiative is one of the three components of the Clean City campaign which was recently launched. As part of the Plastic Collection Project, garbage bags will be made available from Monday to Friday from 8 am – 4 pm at the desk of the City Police department. Members of the public will be able to go in, pick up a bag then work towards filling that bag solely with plastics and Styrofoams. That includes plastic bottles and cups and Styrofoam cups and plate. Upon return, the individual will receive Let me repeat only plastics and styrofoams. When the bag is filled and returned to the CCC, a card that can be redeemed for cash will be given. Between $5 and $10 will be paid per bag. The next step will be to explore the recycling of those plastics for shipment abroad. He called on citizens to shoulder their responsibility and make the City of Castries a cleaner and more beautiful place.