According to the government, reports from the Ministry of Agriculture indicate that an increasing number of farmers are returning to the land. There has also been some indication that a number of young people are showing a keen interest in turning to agriculture. Banana, which is still the major export crop in Saint Lucia, has seen the involvement of the Banana Productivity Improvement Project assisting in the rebounding of the industry. According to the Project Manager for the Banana Productivity Improvement Project, Kerde Severin, 2017 – the first year of the project, was a good year. He says in a short space of time they have almost doubled the number of acres, and increased the number of farms by over 150 percent. Last year, there was a slight decline in regional exports, because of one of the largest source markets Trinidad & Tobago, importing from other markets. However, Saint Lucia has been able to secure new markets from the French territories of Martinique and Guadeloupe and exports to the UK increased to about 25 to 26 percent.