Grace Kennedy in Jamaica has received complaints from five customers about a mould-like substance found in Capri Sun products, distributed in St. Lucia by Massy Distributors and Massy Stores. Since the reports surfaced, the Grace Kennedy company has conducted quality checks on several batches of products and the checks revealed the presence of tiny leaks in the packaging of a small percentage of products which may have affected the quality of the contents. Tiny holes, although rare, can occur at any time, from manufacturing through to the shelf-loading process. Earlier this week, Capri Sun products were withdrawn from stores in St. Lucia as a precautionary measure while further tests are being conducted. As licensed manufacturers of the product on behalf of trademark owners Capri Sun AG, Grace Kennedy deemed this action necessary. Consumers with Capri Sun products may return these to any Massy Store in St Lucia for a full refund, if they have any concerns.