Local Government Minister, Harold Dalsan, has been clearing the air on reports that he ordered the eviction of a tenant from the Castries Market. The reports caused an uproar among the woman’s colleagues, who were threatening protest action yesterday but called it off, as authorities invited the Vendors Association to dialogue.
According to Minister Dalsan, a booth that had been vacant for more than seven months, was applied for by a woman who was granted permission by the Town Clerk to occupy it.
The booth in the Vendors’ Arcade had earlier been occupied by a Lucretia Cenac, who had, according to her colleagues, fallen ill.
Mr. Dalsan explained that the new tenant paid for the booth and the payment was accepted, representing a contractual agreement. However, he disclosed that the Castries Constituencies Council subsequently changed its mind about the agreement, and the new tenant threatened to sue, whereupon he as Minister intervened to uphold the agreement and prevent the government, through the CCC, becoming liable for a breach of contract.
According to Dalsan, he knew neither the former nor the current tenant, Lucretia Cenac, on whose behalf he said no one, including family members or the Vendors’ Association, had made representation.
Mr. Dalson rejected claims made by Vendors that as a Minister, he has no social conscience. He said he has always assisted the poor and the disadvantaged, but only within the framework of the law.