IN AN unprecedented move, the heads of Trinidad’s major religious groups held a joint press conference to categorically state their opposition to same-sex marriage being allowed in the country as well as any amendment to equality laws to facilitate the LGBTQIA community. The group which included Roman Catholic head, Archbishop Jason Gordon; head of the Evangelical Council of TT, Desmond Austin and President of the Faith Based Network of TT, Winston Mansingh, met at Archbishop’s House in Port of Spain for the press conference. The religious leaders called for the Marriage Act to be amended to make it clear that under law and the Constitution, a marriage is solely between a biological male and a biological female. They called for the amendment to be made by the first session of the next Parliament in September. Gordon said the basic principal of marriage being for the unification of spouses and for procreating of children is shared by Muslim, Hindu and Christian communities, which together, comprise the bulk of TT’s population. The conference was facilitated by a non-governmental organisation called Rebuild TT.