Investigations have been launched into the cause of a fire that gutted the back portion of the Soufriere hospital and caused the loss of vital pieces of equipment and supplies. he fire occurred on Saturday 2nd December at about 7pm. As a result, operations have been shut down. Emergency Services will now be offered from Etangs Wellness Centre. Etangs will be operating from a 24hr basis. All primary healthcare services will be located to St. Isidore’s Hall, from 8am to 4:30pm Mondays to Fridays. Just recently the Soufriere Hospital resumed services after a fire on the 9th of November 2017. The swift action of staff, residents of Soufriere and fire officials quickly arrested the first fire which caused little damage to the facility. This time they were not so lucky. The Minister for Health and Wellness Hon. Sen. Mary Isaac extended here sympathies to the people of Soufriere for the loss of use of this major facility which has provided them with health services for many years. She assured however that her health team is moving swiftly to relocate all services which were offered at the Soufriere Hospital. “Our medical team is doing their best to ensure that services offered at the Soufriere Hospital continue uninterrupted at different facilities. Counseling services will be made available to anyone who may be traumatized as a result of these events. I wish to thank Fr. Albert for allowing us to use St. Isidore’s Hall as our outpost in the community for non emergencies such as mental wellness, NCD treatment and so on. Our nurses, staff of the Ministry of Health, staff of St. Jude and Victoria Hospital, the

Soufriere Fire Department and other fire personnel, the commissioner of police and other personnel, my Prime Minister and other ministers who were able to make it to the scene in record time and everyone else who’s spirit is with us as we go through this tragedy, I say thank you. I ask that the people of Soufriere and all of St. Lucia bear with us as we continue to ensure that we maintain peace and tranquility on our beautiful island.