Saint Lucian author Loverly Sheridan has launched her new book, I Am Woman. Sheridan who is now based in the US says I Am Woman is a collection of first-person narratives by women from all over the globe. In their own words, these women share their compelling and thought-provoking stories. “Every woman has a story,” Sheridan says, “but only she can tell it. She aims to encourage women to speak their truth and tell their stories out loud. I discovered that no matter which country I visited there was a common denominator through my various encounters. We all have similar stories of heartache, betrayal, abuse, trauma, rejection, and failure.” She says she has gained strength and perspective from her encounters with the women in her book. Real stories, told by real women from all over the world, in their own words to help empower women to speak out loud, live their truth, and to no longer suffer in silence. And most importantly, to know that they are not alone and that no matter how dark their circumstances. I Am Woman is Sheridan’s second book. Her 2012 debut, A Girl Like Me, recounts how her extensive travels around the world unexpectedly led her on the path to self-discovery. Sheridan has also written several children’s books.