The Folk Research Center (FRC) has taken up residence at the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF). The CDF, which is about a five minute walk from Mount Pleasant, has offered space, large enough where Executive Director Hilary La Force and his staff could set up office. Founding Director Monsignor Patrick Anthony said. Anthony called on the nation to be part of a new direction for the FRC and also for the digitalization of the country’s archives. Admitting that the FRC had lost irreplaceable material Monsignor Anthony held out hope that not all its materials were lost, given the FRC’s partnership with international institutions. Certain projects that were done with these partners, for example the University of Vienna were documented and copied. He also referenced the University of Indiana, USA which has done work with the FRC and foresees accessing copies of the work from the university. Monsignor noted that since 2003, yes 2003, we have been presenting proposals to digitize everything they had but he says no one ever came forward or was prepared to support the digitization project.