A teenager is dead.

A father is inconsolable. And the nation is collectively grieving for the young life gone too soon in a tragic accident. Amid the feeling of shock and sadness there is also anger that some recorded and shared images of the father and daughter in their darkest hour. 18 year old Rena Eugene was traveling with her father on board a car, registration number PG 7090, when the vehicle somehow ran off the road near the George Odlum Stadium and crashed. It was about 8pm. The daughter and her father who is popular DJ, were reportedly on their way home to Pierrot, Vieux fort. The impact of crash presumably sent the girl’s body unto the road. She was pronounced dead on the scene. Her father suffered no serious injuries. A police investigation is underway to determine the circumstances of the fatal accident.

Meanwhile a plea is being made for greater sensitivity on the part of the public in the aftermath of such tragic incidents. Video recordings were made and circulated via various social media platforms. The practice has become quite commonplace and social agencies say it is an alarming trend that speaks to desensitization of the masses.