Fearing there may be a direct link between the adverse economic situation in the country, and the sharp rise in suicide cases, the leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM), Therold Prudent, has issued a call to the religious community to accept a greater role in calming the spirit of despair which currently grips our nation. In making his plea for greater spiritual involvement in the lives of those who are not sufficiently endowed to weather the blistering burden of social discord and economic hardship which is destine to claim more lives, the LPM leader is adamant that no responsible religious organization can ill afford to ignore the urgency of the moment. Prudent is of the view that since Saint Lucians are not immune from the historical consequences of what usually occurs in nations where prolong social and economic depression have often prompted citizens to take their own lives, or to even riot, this may well be an opportune moment for all spiritual leaders and other religiously affiliated organizations to broaden their outreach programs so as to reach the most vulnerable