The National Association of Driving Schools says it is saddened by recent pronouncements from Transport Minister, Guy Joseph, at the pre-cabinet press briefing. The association has been calling for more driving examiners on island, and asking that Minister Joseph, keep his promise to hold quarterly meetings to address Driving School and road safety matters. The Association is now calling out the Minister for claims that Driving Instructors are not trained or professional in their business. According to the association, if the Minister feels that these standards should be raised, he should have done something in his almost 7 year tenure as Minister of Transport to raise those standards. The association says it is in disbelief that the Minister claims that some of the examiners at the Ministry of Transportation are not qualified. This assertion by the Minister, it says, would imply that the Chief Transportation Officer and the Public Service Commission are inept and have jeopardized the safety of our roads by allowing unqualified persons to conduct road safety examinations. The association has implored the Minister to be selective in his pronouncements as they have been unfortunate and could have dire consequences.