The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party will host a townhall style discussion on the ongoing developments in the St. Jude hospital situation. The SLP continues to be deeply concerned about the risks to the health of patients and staff housed at the George Odlum stadium during the roof renovations now being undertaken. The Party says contradictory statements coming from government over the future of the reconstruction of the hospital plant at Augier, and disregard of advice coming from health experts and other professionals, are troubling. Sunday’s townhall is open to all persons who share concerns over the St Jude situation and the overall healthcare situation. The townhall discussion is to take place at the Beanfield Comprehensive Secondary School from 5.00 p.m. The party says the townhall meeting will also be used to gauge the resolve of people in attendance to pursue further steps aimed at encouraging government to heed the concerns of the public and to move away from the reckless approach which has characterize their actions over the last two years.