Leonne Theodore-John has resigned as Speaker of the Saint Lucia House of Assembly, effective March 1st, 2018. She says while she attempted to do her job with the utmost grace and humility, it had its challenges. That she says was clear when she fell ill during a sitting of parliament. For months there had been talk that Theodore-John was being targeted to be fired by the administration for her reprimand of the Prime Minister during at least two parliamentary sittings. The Prime Minister had vehemently denied this, insisting that the relationship between him and the speaker had not soured. He also indicated that if she wished to pursue other ventures then that was her prerogative. Now the official word has come from Theodore-John. She hopes to take up a diplomatic post as Minister Counsellor at Saint Lucia’s High Commission in London. She stressed that it is not a post created for her but rather one that was last filled by Albert Fregis under the former SLP administration.