The St. Lucian residents in Martinique had a unique opportunity to dialogue with St.Lucia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sarah Flood-Beaubrun and the St. Lucian Consul General Johanna Salton at a Town Hall meeting held recently in the town of Lamentin (pronounced “La – mu – teh”). The initiative, jointly coordinated by the St. Lucian Consulate and the St. Lucia Ministry of External Affairs, was designed to introduce the Consulate team to the resident St. Lucians in Martinique as well as to clarify the role of the St. Lucian Consulate.

External Affairs Minister, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to have very personal communication with fellow St. Lucians.

The Consulate took the opportunity to outline some of the Government’s plans for strengthening existing ties between the two islands, whilst reaffirming its commitment to address some of the challenges St. Lucians experience while residing in the French territory. The Consulate also expressed its desire to unify the efforts of the many St. Lucian associations that exist in Martinique, touting the recent successfully executed Independence Concert as an example of the positive results which may be obtained when all the associations work together.