The Water and Sewerage Company inc. WASCO has issued a strong caution to the public against tampering with manholes at specific locations around the city and its outskirts. The warning comes in the wake of complaints reaching WASCO officials suggesting that individuals who access water for the purpose of washing vehicles, from WASCO manholes, are leaving them uncovered. The latest reports point to a manhole on Chaussee Rd in Castries near Philgence Trucking and another in the Odsan community opposite the primary school entrance next to the speed bump. WASCO advises the public that in addition to the legal ramification associated with tampering with company infrastructure, the exposing of manholes creates a serious safety hazard for unsuspecting pedestrians and motorists. The company implored those responsible for creating the hazard to desist from the practice as there are penalties associated with it according to section 90 of the Water and Sewerage Act. An individual is liable to a fine of not less than three thousand dollars, or to imprisonment of a term not less than six months, or to both and to a further fine of not less than fifty dollars for each day the offence continues.