Coconut vendors at Rodney Bay say they are being treated unfairly by the powers that be. The Gros Islet town council served the vendors with notice on Thursday that they must relocate from the space that they occupy in Rodney Bay to a new location at Bois D’Orange outside the old Daher Mall. The vendors say they have been told in a matter of fact manner that they have no choice but to move. They say the new location is not at all suitable to their business. The debate on whether coconut vendors should be allowed to operate along the roadside at Rodney Bay has been a heated and polarized one. Some say the vendors are causing chaos and a hazard in the vicinity. The Gros Islet Council said a meeting was called for the vendors and most did not show up. On the other hand the vendors say they have been very cooperative with guidelines set for them to be able to operate in the Rodney Bay space. One long standing vendor says there are a few trouble makers who create traffic chaos, and have made it bad for everyone else. As for the Gros Islet Council they say vendors were well aware of the decision that had to made.