Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet has acknowledged and lamented the fact that crime continues to increase. He says gang-related and domestic violence are of particular concern given the many incidents. The Prime Minister says while the government is aware that there are many root causes of crime, people cannot continue to feel excluded, powerless or hopeless. He says the country is long overdue for a return to the thinking that “It takes a village to raise a child.” In days gone by, he notes, communities and families were deeply intertwined and participated more in raising each other’s children. The Prime Minister says it is sad that nowadays people are reluctant to get involved with other people’s problems and children are falling by the way side. He has therefore urged all St Lucians to volunteer some of their time and energies to make a contribution to their communities and country. Saint Lucians he says must nurture and guide the children of today and instill in them the right values which are critical to a properly functioning society.