Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has finally addressed comments that he made regarding the educational level of St Lucian males.When Prime Minister Chastanet said in a television interview in January that statistics show that over 40 percent of St Lucian males only attained a pre-school level education, the opposition called it outrageous and called on the Prime Minister to name his source. During the sitting of parliament on Tuesday 13th February, the Prime Minister admitted that he made an erroneous statement and sought to clarify the comments. He says the actual statistics relate to over 40% of St Lucian males only attaining a primary school level education and not pre-school level as he had stated. So why didn’t the Prime Minister just clear up the issue when the comments began raising eyebrows? He says he wanted to observe what sort of discussion the comments would prompt. He says he was disappointed that instead of focusing on developing the youth as it relates to the education of both young men and women – the discussion became a political one. But the opposition argues that the Prime Minister has a habit of speaking recklessly.