Today is the day when the country’s two main political parties host two public meetings to address what has become the very controversial DSH Pearl of the Caribbean project.

In the lead up to the events in both the northern and the southern parts of the island, various organizations and groups have let it be known where their support lies. LPM Leader, Therold Prudent, says the DSH deal poses a serious threat to national interest and the political sovereignty of the nation. According to him, if the deal is permitted to move forward in its present form then the UWP would have earned the distinction of being the party to have re-colonized the island for the next 99 years. LPM maintains that it is in no way adverse to the creation of jobs, but refuses to accept or embrace decisions that are conceived in a haphazard manner. It is for these reasons that the LPM says it stands in solidarity with the Saint Lucia Labour Party in opposing the deal. LPM is further encouraging all Saint Lucians to lend their voices in protest against the policy decisions of the government.