The Vieux Fort Coalition of Stakeholders for Development has made it clear that it supports the DSH project. The group says it has witnessed with amazement the relentless opposition mounted by some to current development efforts proposed for the town of Vieux Fort. The Coalition is mindful of the acute problem of joblessness and economic stagnation which has plagued Vieux Fort and the south for some time. The group is therefore open to engaging Government in discussion that will result in consensus on the preferred approach for development that it believes, will change the fortunes of Vieux Fort. The group says for 20 years people in Vieux Fort have witnessed the contraction of the economy which has resulted in the closure of a number of businesses. The group argues that the development of Vieux Fort can no longer be placed on the backburner, and is calling on people of the south – to join the show of support for Government efforts by attending the march scheduled for today from 4pm.