The National Workers Union has taken the CSA General Secretary to task for what they say were attempts by him, to misrepresent a union matter. The union points out that the recent poll conducted among the monthly paid employees of the Water & Sewerage Company Incorporated (WASCO Inc.) was a decertification poll which was an internal matter between the CSA and its dissatisfied members. The poll asked the workers whether they wanted to be represented by their current trade union. The National Workers Union says it never represented the monthly paid workers at WASCO so it is dishonest for anyone to imply that the National Workers Union appeared on any ballot. The union further stated that what is evident from the recent poll is that a reasonable number of WASCO monthly paid employees are dissatisfied with the CSA. NWU claims that the spokesperson for the CSA is busy distorting the reason for a decertification poll rather than being proactive on the issues at the Saint Lucia Marketing Board, Radio Saint Lucia and the Public Service