WINFRESH has been engaged in discussions with WINERA, and the relevant authorities in the Government of Saint Lucia, regarding a planned switch from cardboard cartons to plastic crates used in the export of bananas to the United Kingdom. The discussions surround concerns about the impact of the change on the future of the company and the implications for the continued employment of its workers. The change in packaging, from cardboard cartons to the plastic crates, is based entirely on the decisions of the major UK supermarkets, which purchase bananas from WINFRESH. The company says it is understandable, that the National Workers Union has expressed their concerns. However, WINFRESH says it has no control over the behavior and decisions of its customers and has no choice but to comply with the demands of the customers and to implement the changes to protect its business and the banana industry. To do otherwise, it says, would be disastrous for all concerned and the Saint Lucia economy.